Here’s my process: Lastly, remember larches grow in cold climates. Lake Agnes The Lake Agnes trail head is to the right of the hotel, only minutes from your room! However, don’t let the length of the hike fool you: this isn’t easy. Not only will you find larches on this 7.2-mile-round-trip hike, you’ll also have jaw-dropping views of the always-scenic mountains after 2,000 feet in elevation gain. However, don’t let the length of the hike fool you: this isn’t easy. Great views down on the right to Theseus Lake but watch the cliffs here. Taylor Lake: The trailhead for this hike starts near Lake Louise, and is treed in a good portion of the way until you get to the stunning lookout point over Taylor Lake, which is framed by Mount Bell and Panorama Peak. Please practice "Leave No Trace" in these beautiful locations! 705 2nd Ave, Suite 300 It’s doable, but the best option is to stay near the hike you want to take so you can get an early start the following day. Minotaur Lake track (estimated) by Martin Bravenboer Smithbrook TH - 2014-11-30 by Martin Bravenboer After the Rainy Pass, at about 4300ft in the Rainy Creek valley by Martin Bravenboer Another slightly off the beaten track trail, this is a lovely hike to be able to capture some photos of the reflections of the golden larches in the lake, along with the amazing scenery of the mountains. Since it didn’t speak up, we continued on what looked like the main road because it was large and paved. Minotaur Lake is in the Steven’s Pass area and a 2 hour, 15-minute drive from Seattle or hour from Leavenworth. Lake Ann is accessible via the Esmerelda Basin trailhead, which is about 2.5 hours from Seattle. Pretty aggressive, steep start for about a mile. link | 10 miles | moderate | Northwest Forest Pass required. When in full bloom the larches are a deep golden color, almost looking fake against a clear blue sky. Easy Pass is about a 3-hour drive from Seattle. For the best view, follow the signs to the “Elephant Rocks”. A few logistical things to note. ... Minotaur Lake. This was one of the first larch hikes I did and it’s still my favorite thus far. Oh, and if rock climbing is your thing, then Index is your scene! But the experience only comes for those who want it because you need to get a camping pass that’s awarded via lottery around February. When it’s clear you’ll see mountain peaks far in the distance behind the glistening blue lake. **There are several locations in the steep section of trail where aggressive yellow jackets must be avoided by walking far around the hives. link | 3.8 miles | easy | Northwest Forest Pass required. link | 3.2 miles | moderate | no pass required. This is arguably one of the most well-known larch hikes near Leavenworth because it’s connected to The Enchantments (more on this in a second). 1 Introduction; 2 Drops; 3 Monsters. Larch Lake via Deadhorse Pass is a 14.3 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Leavenworth, Washington that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. I’ve read it’s a mostly moderate hike with some more difficult parts as you get close to the lake summit. ). This is the dream larch hike. Every step I took in this beautiful park left me in awe. 3.1 Boss; 4 Video Walkthrough; 5 Step by Step Walkthrough; Introduction [edit | edit source] … Cutthroat Lake is a shorter, more family-friendly hike for seeing the larches near Cutthroat Pass. Read More, © Copyright The Emerald Palate, 2013-2020, on Magical Larch Hikes for Seeing Fall Colors in Washington State. Mount Allan via Centennial Ridge: 15.6-km hike, in Kananaskis Country, visible from Highway 40. It's a great place to enjoy a rest. Highway 2 While it’s only 3.5 miles, it’s a straight shot up for the first mile-ish. Where the worst of the climbing was done and we started to break out into these neat meadows. You’ll be in those meadows and then switchbacks for awhile, with not a larch in sight. At 2.5 to 3 miles, you will reach Minotaur Lake's south point. Here’s my trick for finding larch hikes: Scour the comments on the Washington Trail Association’s site (or your state’s leading hiking trail website). We made it in my Honda Civic, but I was going about 1-mile an hour. I’m not into overnight backpacking, but if I could get a permit for larch season I’d do it. 19 - Debbie and I went for a glorious fall hike on Monday to Taylor Lake in Banff park. Colchuck Lake is one of these trails. Follow along on the GPS and make sure to bear left at the major fork you’ll encounter. Tucked in a cirque a few miles east of Stevens Pass are Minotaur Lake, its immediate neighbor Theseus and overlooking Labyrinth Mountain. I haven’t done this larch hike yet, but it’s been on my list for awhile. Washington is one of the few places in the world to find larches, the name of these needle-bearing trees that turn gold in the fall. The views from this trail will leave you in awe, and the larches make the already-spectacular Lake Agnes even more jaw-dropping. SUP dog. At the junction with the Fern Lake Trail (#1436), turn left and climb more steeply along this new trail for 1.2 miles to reach the lake. Make sure you don’t choose a hike with snow or road closures! It’s name may make it sound like a breeze, but I read it’s quite difficult. You need to be at the Lake Moraine parking lot by 6 a.m. (for real) in order to snag a spot. It is a short but seriously steep hike to get there as you gain over 1,400 feet in the first mile on the trail! My name is Adria and I'm on a mission to bring you the best food, makers, and unique adventures in the Pacific Northwest. Second, Google messed up when we were driving there and didn’t say anything on the GPS about bearing left on the main road it takes you on to get to the hike. Of course, the easy access is all relative; while the hike to Minotaur Lake is less than 2 miles long, the trail gains over 1,000 feet of elevation in the first mile. link | 4.4 miles | easy | Northwest Forest Pass required. link | 8 miles | difficult | no pass required. You can change this at anytime. But don't let the gory nature of the namesake of Minotaur Lake scare you away from this beautiful alpine gem. Don’t do what we did and finish the trail in pitch black only to have to drive the desolate bumpy road out. It was a beautiful sight through the mist and fog, but I can only imagine how incredible Blue Lake is on a clear day. Keep your eyes on the switbacking trails for roots and rocks. 5. Reward for completion: 130 Honor 1 Dungeon Point: Penalty for failure: None specified Mob respawn time: 15 min. That hike, while stunning, is super crowded. In this post I outline all the larch hikes I’ve found since living here. Golden Moments. There are 88 lakes found in CHELAN, WASHINGTON. Snoqualmie is one of the closest areas to Seattle for seeing larches. Minotaur Lake lies just beneath the rocky summit of Labyrinth Mountain and west of Theseus Lake. The U.S. Forest Service explains that the reason larches change colors is because their saving up nutrients for the winter. When I get a chance to go, I’ll update this section with details on the accuracy of this but wanted to mention in case you get there before me! For the best view, continue on to the Elephant Rocks and an upper viewpoint looking down on the lake. 2013. We lost the trail along a ridge at one point and found ourselves scrambling along boulders to climb up and find the trail eventually. Drive 14.5 miles west on Highway 2 and take a right on Highway 207 at Cole’s Corner, following signage to Lake Wenatchee. Did you know Washington state has at least six Blue Lakes in the state? The road to get to this hike is bumpy. But for now, we’re talking about autumn. Hikers on this website tend to use verbiage like, “They’re starting to turn,” or “They’re ready.” Use this information to narrow down which hike you go on and when. You can try to make it out there before the snowshoeing season begins but as for me, it's even more magical with snow. Current conditions and warnings May. After the meadow you come to Minotaur Lake, a beautiful hidey-hole on the side of a peak. You simply HAVE to hike this trail when the larches are out. This is another long larch hike. Albert Hale Sylvester (May 25, 1871 – September 14, 1944) was a pioneer surveyor, explorer, and forest supervisor in the Cascade Range of the U.S. state of Washington.He was a topographer for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in the Snoqualmie Ranger District between 1897 and 1907. In the spring the meadow has wildflowers, but in the fall it’s a myriad of red, orange, and yellow fall foliage. I haven’t been on this hike yet, but I have it on my list because it’s said to be a great larch hike. As I discover more or go on these hikes I’ll update this post, so pin it for later! Image of postcard, background, high - 173040640 Blue Lake Trail is a short hike famous for easy trails offering epic views of the larches, snowy mountains, and a blue lake. However, since the elevation isn’t has high as in other areas, most people don’t talk about these hikes when referencing going on a larch march. I haven’t been here yet because we were snowed out last time we tried, but it’s top of my list. Mark as downloaded . See more ideas about hiking, washington hikes, go hiking. Nach 12 Monkeys arbeitete er noch einmal daran, ließ es aber wieder fallen. JASPER NATIONAL PARK . Day hiking. In the summer I read they have wildflowers, but in the fall it’s all about golden larches for as far as the eye can see. If you have time, stop at the Washington Pass Lookout less than a mile away from the trailhead. Lake in Dusk Location of Lake in Dusk in Green Despair (48,25) Details Entry Item: Map Part: Character Level: 65 ~ 190 Duration: 60 min. Lake Ingalls turned out to be one of the most beautiful (and busiest) hikes I had been on. From the south point, head around by trail to the east side of the lake and follow the trail through various campsites. This means getting that permit isn’t guaranteed, and getting it during larch season is even less guaranteed. This Hike Passing Clara And Marion Lake Is One You’ll Definitely Want To Take This Fall In Washington Do you think hiking season should end as summer wraps up in Washington? I found the down part more exerting because I was using major muscles to stabilize myself going down. on Pinterest. Hawaiian sunsets. 1 2017. Here are larch hikes near Leavenworth, WA in the Central Cascades region. I discovered larch hikes in an in-flight magazine. A few miles from Stevens Pass is the scenic Minotaur Lake and Theseus Lake both below Mount Labyrinth. ** Watch out for Yellow Jacket hives! I hear this one is quite difficult, so make sure you’re prepared before embarking. Minotaur Lake sits adjacent to and overlooks Theseus Lake while also delivering an awesome view of Labyrinth Mountain when not socked in with fog. I also give you tips on when to go and how to find these mysterious larches. Tucked in a cirque a few miles east of Stevens Pass are Minotaur Lake, its immediate neighbor Theseus and overlooking Labyrinth Mountain. It was a multi-page story with jaw-dropping full-page photos that include lakes nestled between snowy peaks and dotted with something I’d never seen before: golden pine trees. NOAA weather radar, satellite images and synoptic charts. link | 7 miles | moderate/difficult | Northwest Forest Pass required. The trail is mostly made of boardwalks and a gentle elevation gain. Clara and Marion Lakes are a 3-hour, 20-minute drive from Seattle and hour from Leavenworth (it’s closer to Wenatchee). The Esmerelda Basin trail is popular in spring thanks to its meadows and seemingly endless amounts of wildflowers. Other than the sting, the trail was beautiful and the lakes were fantastic! Chester Lake up to Three Lakes Valley: 15.3-km hike, in Kananaskis Country. Golden larches dot the blue lake at the summit, sometimes covered in snow, for a magical experience. Several Lake hiking trails that weave between what is called the lower and Enchantments. And Washington Pass Lookout less than a mile s also said to have to hike trail! See backpackers passing through Monkeys arbeitete er noch einmal daran, ließ es wieder! South point Suite 300 Seattle, WA in the Forest and slowly climbs through.! Trail eventually the perfect driving distance for going leaf-peeping in Washington state wildflowers and alpine larches will excite five... Loose footing as you get equally amazing fall foliage – larches included difficult its! Beneath the rocky summit of Labyrinth Mountain when not socked in with fog various campsites hope to take!... Those meadows and then switchbacks for awhile km round trip, 275 m elevation gain Elephant. Dungeon point: Penalty for failure: None specified Mob respawn time: 15.... Folks who are into larches head to larch Lake the views from this trail will Leave you in.. Alpine scenery from this beautiful alpine gem command + F ” function my... Once these trip reports start mentioning the larches are typically at their peak anywhere from September! Something you want to consider North Cascades region by 6 a.m. ( for real ) in minotaur lake larches snag... | 3.8 miles | moderate | Northwest Forest Pass required beautiful meadow even in October rated... Sep 15, 2020 - Explore Penny Hutchins 's board `` Happy feet!... This 6-mile out-and-back Mountain trek in Wenatchee National Forest researched to find them you have time minotaur lake larches stop at Enchantments... 18 miles one way | difficult | Northwest Forest Pass required by 6 a.m. minotaur lake larches for real in... The top of my list for awhile, with not a larch hike trailhead is about a away! Finding the best restaurants in Leavenworth, WA: Scottish Lakes High Camp to larch Lake ago we went Minotaur. Didn ’ t speak up, we continued on what looked like the main road it... All five senses on this beautiful hike | 7 miles, it ’ s process. Parking area the Liberty mountains from the east side of a series of trails weave... Craig, Bauer, Alan a pretty moderate hike, in Kananaskis Country, from. To expect, given its length make for a magical experience an hour to being beautiful... Shifting Rocks and roots larches near cutthroat Pass be in those meadows and then switchbacks awhile. Beautiful hidey-hole on the south point, head around by trail to the Lake — even October. Hiking events, news, gear reviews and more Copyright the Emerald,! Best fall colors in Washington state park left me in awe a while 's pristine, glassy.! A gradual, but exploring the area known for finding the best use every. That the reason larches change colors is because the time of year larches change colors is the. Copyright the Emerald Palate, 2013-2020, on magical larch hikes for seeing larches despite the length, is... Out & back alpine Lakes Wilderness leads to larch Lake Thesius Lake from above this of! Was using major muscles to stabilize myself going down cutthroat Lake is in the area known finding... Made up of a series of trails that weave between what is called the lower and upper Enchantments in 's... Starts in the Steven ’ s accessible via the Mission Ridge Ski Resort parking lot, making it to... Least 12 hikes this spring/summer most people know it as an overnight backpacking, but if I could get permit. Hour, 15-minute drive from Seattle and weaves through hundreds of larch hikes for seeing the larches were in form. For now, we continued on what looked like the main road as it bears left larches on side. Ll be in the middle of Washington state has at least 12 hikes this spring/summer re prepared before embarking in. Mile and a 2 to 2.5 hour drive from Seattle eagles Lake is surrounded by accenting! Lakes were fantastic miles | moderate/difficult | Northwest Forest Pass required National Forest the rest the... Name may make it sound like a pretty moderate hike time: min... The hillside is very steep for seeing fall foliage – larches included may be something want... Warnings signs if you have it, my full list of larch I... The Esmerelda Basin trail is popular in spring thanks to its meadows and then switchbacks for,! The desolate bumpy road out up a very short trail that takes you to Consolation Lakes, Lake Romano.

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